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  • Medallion and Banner

    Archconfraternity of Sant'Eligio De 'Ferrari - Diocese of Rome


    Banners-Medallions (Lazio)

    • Archconfraternity of Sant'Eligio De 'Ferrari

      The pectoral medallion that still today, every Confraternity of the Archconfraternity of Sant'Eligio de 'Ferrari in Rome wears on the chest applied on the left, on the blue sack, is made of embossed and silvered iron sheet. The master work, presumably from the early 1800s, was by an artisan belonging to the same Sodality, with an ovoidizing shape and enclosed by a simple frame with the inscription - Venerable Confraternity of S. Eligio dei Ferrari di Roma - inside. Of simple manufacture, it shows the blessing Sant'Eligio in pontifical clothes with the crosier; below an angel holding a hammer and guarding an anvil, universal symbols of the manufacturing arts.

      Ancient banner of the Confraternita dei Fabbri Ferrari;

        Banner of the Archconfraternity;

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