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Ancient Statute

Archconfraternity of Saint Catherine of Siena - Diocese of Rome


Statutes-Bolle - (Lazio)

  • Archconfraternity of Saint Catherine of Siena

    The Compagnia dei Senesi, present in the city at the beginning of the 16th century, wanted to give itself the first Rules by officially constituting itself as the "Confraternity of the Senese Nation in Rome, in the name of St. Catherine" on 4 July 1519.

    With these Rules, the confreres intended to establish the aims of the Sodality, which have remained substantially unchanged until today, even though they have been revisited over time: those of "helping each other reciprocally with the work and with the council in their spiritual and temporal needs and to fulfill together their religious duties ".

    After some adjustments, during the 1600s, the statutory charters in force underwent in 1744 - due to a necessary update required by the "laws" and "changing times" - a complete overhaul with the drafting of new Statutes, approved by Benedict XIV. These Statutes remained valid until 1897 when a new statutory charter had to be handled to comply with the Crispi Law of 1890.

    The Statute was subjected to some changes in 1987 to be able to adapt to the changed constitutional order. On 7 September 1998 the Archconfraternity launched the Statute currently in force by virtue of which it could reaffirm its original nature as an "Association with private legal personality".

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