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Ancient Statute

Archconfraternity of Sant'Eligio De 'Ferrari - Diocese of Rome


Statutes-Bolle (Lazio)

  • Archconfraternity of Sant'Eligio De 'Ferrari

    The University of Blacksmiths-Ferrari certainly arose before 1404, as evidenced by documents and Pontifical Bulls, the University imposed itself from the beginning of its constitution of the rules that all

    belonging had to strictly abide by.

    On 27 October 1453 the Pope Niccolò V granted them the current seat and from that moment, having their own place, their development intensified until reaching the complete rebuilding of their Church in 1562 by obtaining from Gregory XIII, on 1 May 1575 , the constitution of the Pious Society or Confraternity of S. Eligio. Starting from 1575 the University and the Confraternity coexisted side by side and, although constituted by the same members, they had completely distinct tasks: the first dealt exclusively with the blacksmith art which included thirteen arts and crafts, the second, the Confraternity of S. Eligio, administered the goods of the Church and took care of the religious and charity fulfilments.

    The oldest Statute that has come down to us dates back to 1628. In the spirit of renewal proposed by the Second Vatican Council and adhering to the invitation of the 2nd Roman Synod, which ended on 24 June 1993, the  Confraternity of S. Eligio de 'Ferrari drew up its latest Statute, which was approved by the Cardinal Vicar Camillo Ruini on June 26, 1996.

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