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Confraternity of San Geminiano - Diocese of Modena-Nonantola


Statutes-Bolle - (Emilia Romagna)

  • Confraternity of San Geminiano

    The Statutes of the Confraternity of S. Geminiano were four, drawn up respectively in 1492, in 1572, in 1745, and in 1821, despite the hypothesis that it was born in 1348, on the occasion of a terrible plague in “modona” as a writing tells. The Confraternity was born exclusively for welfare purposes, taking care of those affected by the plague, to assist them and to give them a worthy burial.

    A hospital known as the Case Vecchie was built with the contribution of the Confraternity which at the same time made it its first headquarters.

    In 1492, the year in which the Confraternity of San Geminiano gave itself its first Statute, it was hosted by the Franciscan Fathers of the Third Order, settled in the Oratory of San Silvestro in 1524 and then moved in 1756 to the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate. The pontifical document of 1451 speaks of domus beatae Mariae de Gratiis, which was evidently in precarious conditions if, ten years later, truly providential contributions allowed its restructuring.

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