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Dominican Saints and Blesseds in Glory

Archconfraternity M. SS. of the Rosary  -  Archdiocese of Catanzaro-Squillace



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Dominican Saints and Blesseds in Glory - (Calabria)

  • Archconfraternity of the SS. Rosary

    Foundation year: 1401

    City: Catanzaro

    Archdiocese: Catanzaro-Squillace

    Artistic artefact (canvas, fresco, statue, etc.): Painting, altarpiece, oil on canvas

    Title: Dominican Saints and Blesseds in Gloria

    Dimensions: 260 x 210 cm

    Year of execution: 1702

    Author (with year of birth and death): Giuseppe Castellano

    Brief description of the work and author profile: Painting depicting saints and blessed of the Dominican order represented in Glory among clouds and with a welcoming, warm and bright sky. The figures are adoring and with their respective symbols including S. Raimondo, S. Giacinto, S. Paolino and others. All 3 paintings of the Castellano present in the church have a frame covered in silver coated in 19th century Mecca.

    Compiled by the Attorney Prof. Sandro Scumaci

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