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Confraternity Maria SS. Immaculate - Diocese of Nardò Gallipoli

Casarano - LE

Medallion - (Puglia)

  • Confraternity Maria SS. Immaculate

    The pectoral medallion used in the Confraternity “Maria SS. Immacolata ”by Casarano depicts the Virgin“ Immaculate ”according to the image of classical iconography. In the ordinary form it is made on a silver-plated iron sheet with the figure of the Madonna placed in a cantilevered form on which the words “BV MARIA IMMACOLATA” stand out.

    It is applied to the blue mozzetta on the left side of the chest, in the direction of the heart. According to the role played within the Brotherhood, it differs in color and shape: the Prior wears, on ordinary clothes, a richly worked collar with floral decorations on which hangs the golden medallion set in a crown of colored slides.

    The I and II Assistants wear, on their clothes, the same golden medallion pinned on a white and gold band collar that rests on the shoulders and falls on the chest. The Heads of the Company have a golden medallion, while the confreres wear it in silver. The women, on the other hand, are equipped with a celestial ribbon that, starting from the back, passes over the shoulders and falls on the chest with a round medal depicting a half-length of the Immaculate Conception.

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