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Confraternity dress

Archconfraternity of Carmine - Archdiocedi of Taranto


Confraternity dress - (Puglia)

  • Archconfraternity of Carmine

    Shirts  white cotton (“percale” or “ovo leather” is recommended). The top must be open on the chest and must be closed by some white or mother-of-pearl buttons. The model of the neck must be "pistagna", from 4 cm to 6 cm high in order to exceed the neck of the mozzetta.
    The sleeves must be wide from the seam point to end at the cuffs with internal elastic in order to be closed by gathering.
    On the shoulders are sewn, one on each side, some tabs of the same fabric as the gown, ending with a buttonhole and button in white or mother-of-pearl color, 7 cm long, under which the scapular ribbon will be blocked.
    The terminal part of the gown must be no longer than the ankles and no longer over them; it must also have an internally sewn flap, from a minimum of 8 cm to a maximum of 10 cm.
    Finally, the shirt must have a cotton tape, sewn internally at the waist, which will allow you to create the curl in the back of the shirt starting from the hips, so as to leave the front part of the shirt perfectly smooth.

    The cap must be of white cotton in a pyramid shape, with two small holes at eye level.
    The upper part of the hood, which once worn, will be worn on the left side of the garment, must not exceed the earlobe in length.
    The lower part, on the other hand, must not exceed half of the mozzetta.

    Shoes must be completely white in color. With white sole (type "naval officers") or with wooden sole ("naval officers" type)

    The cockades must be blue with a white button in the center and blue laces.

    Gloves must be white in color and can be cotton or leather.

    The socks must be high and black in color.

    The belt that hangs on the left side of the gown must be in black leather.

    The five-post rosary must be made of brass with opaque black grains.
    The terminal part of the same must have golden and / or silver medals and a crucifix of about 6/8 cm.
    The rosary will hang on the right side of the gown and should not cover the scapular which is the central element of the entire dress.

    The hat (“Saturno Romano” model) in shaved black hair will be edged with a blue ribbon (the same used for the scapular).
    A single band of the same ribbon will descend from inside the hat, which through a buttonhole of the mozzetta will be blocked at the waist in order to hold the hat firm both on the head and on the shoulders according to the rite performed by the brother.

    The mozzetta is made up of a single piece of cream-colored flannel fabric, lined in cotton of the same color, closed at the front by internal neutral-colored buttons. Also on the front, visible, there are black buttons with fake buttonholes of the same color. The only open buttonhole, useful for the passage of the hat ribbon, will be at chest height. The distance between the buttons is 3.5 cm, and the buttonhole is 2.5 cm long.
    The length of the mozzetta must correspond to the wrist of the brother.
    The pistagna of the mozzetta must be 3.5 cm high; on it will be sewn, of the same fabric, a fake little hood with two front points that will reach the height of the 4th black button and in the back it will be from 24 cm to 27 cm long ending in a point.

    The scapular must be in black wool, lined with cotton of the same color. The measures of the same must be as follows:
    -Width: 28/29 cm;
    -Height: 32/33 cm.
    The blue embroidery must bear the words “DECOR” “CARMELI”, one on each side, with a rectangular frame of the same color, which will serve to bring out the words themselves and not to cover them.
    The design of the scapular can be customized for each confrere, as long as it always remains sober and not excessively flashy.
    The embroidery must never be gilded (reserved only and exclusively for the Prior's scapular) or silver (reserved exclusively for the scapular worn by the members of the Board of Directors of the Archconfraternity).
    The two faces of the scapular must be joined by a 5 cm wide blue ribbon.

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