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First Book of Councils

Confraternity of the SS. Heart of Jesus - Diocese of Macerata-Tolentino-Recanati-Cingoli-Treia

Tolentino - MC

First Book of Advice (Marche)

  • Confraternity of the SS. Heart of Jesus

    The cult of the SS. Heart of Jesus spread throughout Europe from the end of the 18th century, following the visions of St. Maria Margherita Alacoque.

    At the Roman Church of S. Teodoro in Campo Vaccino in 1729 a Confraternity was established under the title of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus whose members were required to exercise and works of piety.

    The cult of the SS. Cuore was introduced to Tolentino by Bishop Domenico Spinucci (1777-1796), who wanted that in every church there was an altar where the image of the Sacred Heart was exposed.

    Later, on 14 June 1805, the Confraternity dedicated to the SS. Heart of Jesus, the Bishop of Macerata and Tolentino Vincenzo Maria Strambi approved the rules and the erection. The Confraternity began its activity in the Tolentino church of San Vito, trying to conform to the rules of piety, poverty and penance and was joined to this on 30 March 1806 at the Archconfraternity of San Teodoro in Rome.

    After the well-known Napoleonic events, the Confraternity resumed its activities in the Church of S. Nicolò and the brothers, wishing to have their own permanent home, after a plea to Pope Gregory XVI, obtained with Brief of 17 December 1835 which was granted to them in perpetuity the Church of S. Benedetto. From 1876 to 1880 the Confraternity Church, at the behest of the Confraternity Council, was involved in expansion works by the architect Luigi Fontana.

    On 22 April 1880 the Bishop Gaetano Franceschini dedicated it to the SS. Heart of Jesus.

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