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Confraternity of the SS. Crucifix - Diocese of Trapani

Buseto Palazzolo - TP

Medallion - (Sicily)

  • Confraternity of the SS. Crucifix

    The Coat of Arms of the Confraternity of the Crucifix of Buseto Palizzolo is the expression of a profound faith for Christ who is resurrected after martyrdom and death on the Cross.

    The Cross, fundamental and central element of the Coat of Arms, is represented in its glorious, precious aspect, without the Crucifix nailed to it, as it is in various ancient representations of Romanesque art. This way of representing the Cross, unlike a more realistic and dramatic way, highlights the effects of the Cross (reconciliation, peace, glory, security, eternal life) and not what produces it (hatred, wickedness, injustice, sin).

    In the foreground, a white cloth recalls the Holy Shroud. The Cross, together with the Shroud, is projected on a red background, the color of the Passion, around which a halo develops, symbol of the Light of Christ.

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