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  • Madonna of the Pietà

    Confraternity of Purgatory - Molfetta-Ruvo-Giovinazzo-Terlizzi

    Ruvo di Puglia - BA

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    Madonna of the Pietà (Apulia)

    • Brotherhood of Purgatory

      Typology:  Statue

      Measures:  cm 

      Dating:  1898

      Author:  Giuseppe Manzo

      Matter and technique:  Papier mache

      Subject:  Madonna of the Pietà

      The statuary group was sculpted in papier-mâché by Giuseppe Manzo from Lecce and, although completed in later stages, was sent to Ruvo in 1898. It represents the Virgin Mary in weeds, sitting at the foot of the cross with her eyes turned towards the sky and on her knees the lifeless body of Jesus unraveled from the cross.

      On the chest of the Madonna we read " Mauro Minafra was Antonio 1901"  which gives us two pieces of information: the name of the devotee who contributed to the realization and tells us that the statuary group was certainly completed in 1901. From 1898 to 1901, in fact, the head and hands of the Virgin were replaced by those of an old statue dell'Addolorata kept in the church and also the dead Christ sent by Manzo in 1898 was  provisional and was replaced in 1928.

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