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Madonna of Modena

Archconfraternity Maria SS. of Modena - Archdiocese of Reggio Calabria-Bova

Reggio Calabria

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Madonna of Modena - (Calabria)

  • Archconfraternity  Maria SS. of Modena

    Foundation year: 1500

    City: Reggio Calabria

    Archdiocese: Reggio Calabria-Bova

    Artistic artefact (canvas, fresco, statue, etc.): Painted on wood

    Title: Madonna of Modena

    Dimensions: 153x103 cm

    Year of execution: 1200/1300

    Author (with year of birth and death): Unknown

    Brief description of the work and of the author profile: Virgin sitting on the throne with the Child in her arms dominated by two Angels holding the crown .

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