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Madonna of the Rosary in Glory

Archconfraternity M. SS. of the Rosary  -  Archdiocese of Catanzaro-Squillace



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Our Lady of the Rosary in Glory - (Calabria)

  • Archconfraternity of the SS. Rosary

    Foundation year: 1401

    City: Catanzaro

    Archdiocese: Catanzaro-Squillace

    Artistic artefact (canvas, fresco, statue, etc.): Painting, oil on canvas

    Title: Madonna of the Rosary in Glory

    Dimensions: 280 x 180 cm

    Year of execution: XVIII century.

    Author (with year of birth and death): Unknown

    Brief description of the work and author profile: Ovoid painting depicting the Madonna del SS. Rosary in Glory with the Holy Spirit (the dove) and on the left Dominican friars and high religious figures and on the right figures of royal and noble characters. The Madonna holds Baby Jesus in her arms and both offer the prayer crown of the SS. Rosary. In the lower center, a little angel shows a ribbon with the inscription: MITTE NOBIS PRAEDICATORES ROSARII REFORMATORES POPULORUM.

    Compiled by the Attorney Prof. Sandro Scumaci

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