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Madonna of the Rosary and mysteries

Archconfraternity M. SS. of the Rosary  -  Archdiocese of Catanzaro-Squillace



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Madonna of the Rosary and mysteries - (Calabria)

  • Archconfraternity of the SS. Rosary

    Foundation year: 1401

    City: Catanzaro

    Archdiocese: Catanzaro-Squillace

    Artistic artefact (canvas, fresco, statue, etc.): Altarpiece, oil on panel

    Title: Madonna of the Rosary and mysteries

    Dimensions: 262 x 195 cm

    Year of execution: End of the 16th century. / early 17th century

    Author (with year of birth and death): Teodoro d'Errico the Flemish Italianized name of Dirk Hendricksz; (Amsterdam, news 1542-1618), signed work

    Brief description of the work and the author's profile: The arched painting has 4 thick cypress boards as a support.  Represents the Vision of the Madonna and Child to San Domenico da Guzman with around the 15 mysteries of the prayer of the SS. Rosario and the 4 Doctors of the Church below with S. Ambrogio, S. Gregorio, S. Girolamo, S. Agostino and with Jesus in the center and the Eternal Father above. The painting is made in 22 panels, the only example in Catanzaro. There are several copies mostly of the central panel that attest to the widespread artistic and devotional dissemination of the work in the city made with printing, embroidery and paintings. In the past the work had been attributed to various painters including Titian.

    Compiled by the Attorney Prof. Sandro Scumaci

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