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  • Labaro

    Archconfraternity of the SS. Rosario - Archdiocese of Bari-Bitonto

    Bitonto - (BA)

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    Labaro - (Apulia)

    • Archconfraternity  SS. Rosary

      Foundation year 1629

      City: Bitonto (BA)

      Archdiocese: Bari-Bitonto

      Artistic artefact (canvas, fresco, statue, etc.): Processional objects

      Title: Labaro

      Dimensions: 70 cm

      Year of execution: XIX century.

      Author (with year of birth and death): Unknown

      Brief description of the work and author profile: The brotherhood banner opens the theory of brothers and sisters in the processions of the association. It looks like the union of two rectangular panels, made of silk fault. In the front it reproduces the Madonna del Rosario, in the back the coat of arms of the brotherhood with the trigram SSR (Santissimo Rosario).

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