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Title page of the Statute

Confraternity of M. SS. del Rosario al Carminello - Archdiocese of Palermo


Statute - (Sicily)

  • Confraternity of M. SS. del Rosario al Carminello

    It was born in 1732 in Palermo with the following title: Congregation of the Patriarch of St. Dominic under the title of Our Lady of the Rose, founded in the Cloister of the Real Convento dei RR. PP. Preachers.

    The first founder was the Prince of the island of Lampedusa, D. Ferdinando M. Tomasi, Carlo Traina and Naselli, Duke of Palma, Baron of the castle of Montechiaro, ancestor of the famous writer of the novel "the leopard" and relative of San Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Cardinal of the Theatine Fathers. The current title, towards the end of the nineteenth century, changes to our Lady of the Rosary, but at the beginning of the twentieth century and in the middle of the same century it takes on the present one, associated with that of S. Vincenzo Ferreri with the denomination al Carminello, splendid Oratory built in 1586 and decorated in the 1700s by Serpotta and his school, and entrusted, by the Curia of Palermo, to the same Confraternity in 1915.

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