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Processional cross of the Gonfalone with shuttle

Archconfraternity M. SS. of the Rosary  -  Archdiocese of Catanzaro-Squillace



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Processional Cross of the Banner with shuttle - (Calabria)

  • Archconfraternity of the SS. Rosary

    Foundation year: 1401

    City: Catanzaro

    Archdiocese: Catanzaro-Squillace

    Artistic artefact (canvas, fresco, statue, etc.): Crocifisso del Gonfalone

    Title: Processional cross of the Gonfalone with shuttle

    Dimensions: cm __ x __

    Year of execution: Crucifix XVIII century. / shuttle 19th century 

    Author (with year of birth and death): Bottega Napoli

    Brief description of the work and of the author's profile: Cross in embossed and chiseled silver foil with internal wooden structure. The cross and the naveta, from different eras, were assembled in the past in a single piece. The 4 terminals of the cross are each characterized by a shell with curved shapes on the sides and a palmette as an apical protrusion. The width and thickness of the cross are decorated in light relief with geometric motifs with a double rhomboid border and with a flower inside. On the front, at the top there is the cartouche with the inscription INRI and at the bottom a skull over two crossbones. In the corners formed by the union of the arms, 3 radiated beams take place for each one and the Christ with well-defined proportions and anatomical details. The shuttle holding the crucifix is in gilded brass.

    Compiled by the Attorney Prof. Sandro Scumaci

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