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Bull election Confraternity of the Addolorata (1702)

Confraternity M. SS. Addolorata - Archdiocese of Rossano-Cariati

Corigliano Rossano (au Rossano) - CS

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Statutes-Bulls - (Calabria)

  • Confraternity M. SS. Sorrowful

    Foundation year  1702

    City:  Corigliano Rossano (au Rossano)

    Archdiocese:  Rossano-Cariati

    A bit of history: The origin of the brotherhood of the SS. Addolorata di Rossano dates back to 1588, following the preaching of the Jesuit Simone De Franco. The prior D. Lelio Martucci and the procurator Marcello Oliverio hope, in 1602 the brotherhood would be unified with its own title with that of the Annunciation, who made available the homonymous church, erected in front of the Cathedral. The information cannot be considered true in the first place because in 1602 the church of the Annunciation in front of the Cathedral was not yet built and therefore could not accommodate the Addolorata. In addition, the brotherhood of the SS. Annunziata is operative in 1629 and even beyond, while on the contrary for the whole seventeenth century the confraternity of the Addolorata never appears either in the Pastoral Visits, or in the Ad Limina Relations. Indeed, its foundation must be delayed until 1702. In that year, some nobles from Rossano asked Fr.Callisto Lodigerio, prior general of the Order of the Servants of Mary in Rome, on which the church and the confraternity of the 'Annunziata di Rossano, to be able to erect an altar in the said church dedicated to the Holy Virgin of the Seven Sorrows, in order to create a brotherhood named after her. On 25 July 1702, in fact, Fr.Callisto sent the Bull of Concession giving the faculty, subject to the authorization of the local Ordinary ("accedente consensu Ordinarii Loci"), both to found the brotherhood in the aforementioned church with "all the indulgences granted to the 'Order from the Holy See and subsequently confirmed by Innocent XI ”, and“ to choose seven altars in the same church for the exclusive use of the brothers and sisters of the brotherhood ”. The rector or parish priest pro tempore was also granted the faculty "to bless and distribute to all the lay faithful of the territory of Rossano the crown and the habit of the same BV Addolorata".

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