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Confraternity dress

Confraternity of NS Assunta di Caprafico (called dei Bianchi) - Archdiocese of Genoa

Nervi - GE

Confraternity dress - (Liguria)

  • Confraternity of NS Assunta di Caprafico (known as the Bianchi)

    His professional role is of Genoese Manufacture, last quarter of the century. XVIII.

    The ivory satin hoods have a high border embroidered in gold with thin plant shoots that arise from floral palmette motifs alternately facing towards         up and down and weaving a twig fio             ritual to end in the center in front in a large bundle of flowers and small flowers with berries. Scattered bunches decorate the petticoat.

    The hoods have on the back a canvas yoke from which the width given by two sheets starts, plus a flared triangle on the sides; in front of a single satin cloth. Spun gold, curly, lamellar embroidery on post card padding, raw thread, running stitch; gold tinsel, application of sequins. Galloncino with scalloped embroidery in spun gold. Handguards and pocket protectors in red velvet embroidered in spun gold, curly and lamellar of the same type as the tabarrini. White canvas lining.

    On the plain cut velvet, red background, a waving ribbon motif is embroidered for the entire height of the fabric with bouquets held in by love knots that are intertwined with a vine branch with vine leaves and bunches. A chevron embroidered with a flowered branch that forms circles within which there are small flowers, overlaps the tabarrino and occupies the whole field of the round collar.

    Spun gold, curly and lamellar embroidery on post card and running stitch padding; application of sequins. Raw canvas lining.

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