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Confraternity dress

Archconfraternity of St. Catherine of Siena - Diocese of Rome


Confraternity dress - (Lazio)

  • Archconfraternity of St. Catherine of Siena

    What is prescribed in chap. 3 of the Appendix of that Statute, and until today handed down, regarding the "clothing" of each confrere. After the warning that it "must be the same for everyone: any discrepancy in both genre and form is prohibited", we read that: "This consists of a white canvas sack excluding velvet, and another transparent type, of a mozzetta of white scottino edged in black wool with black buttonholes and buttons, and the coat of arms of the Holy Protector simply printed and covered with talc surrounded by a fringe of black silk. lace and embroidery. And finally in a cord with a bow of mediocre size ".

    It is thought that the mozzetta was later, for some reason, fallen into disuse, or no longer allowed if, in 1780, the Archconfraternity advanced the request and obtained the authorization to "add to the white bag, for the external decoration of the confreres, still the mozzetta of white scottino edged with black fettuccina with the imprint of their titular saint ".

    Recently, the Archconfraternity has provided for the creation of "hoods" for the sisters - since by tradition only those of the fellow brothers are foreseen - to be worn in the particular moments of the pious exercises of popular piety.

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