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Confraternity dress

Confraternity of SS. Crucifix - Archdiocese of Monreale

Monreale - PA

Confraternity dress - (Sicily)

  • Confraternity of SS. Crucifix

    For more than a century the uniform of the Brothers has remained the same, as writes Pitrè, historian of Sicilian popular religious traditions, of which some fragments are reported:

    "... all can be recognized by the distinctive stockings ... all go in" underwear ", the head covered by a white handkerchief, surrounded by a red sash, and under it, hanging, a large and white napkin, as if to hide the lower parts of the trunk "; there is also talk of the two colors that characterize the uniform; in fact this is made up of white, which indicates purity and goodness, and red, which instead indicates the blood of Jesus Crucified.

    Over the years some changes have been made, without damaging what was the traditional uniform; in fact in 1958 shoes began to be used; later the tablecloth was enriched with an embroidery depicting the SS. Crucifix characterized by an underlying inscription "W il SS. Crocifisso".

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