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Confraternity dress

Brotherhood of Infant Jesus of Prague - Archdiocese of Palermo

Partanna Mondello - PA

Confraternity dress - (Sicily)

  • Brotherhood of the Infant Jesus of Prague

    The confraternity dress, of modern and simple conception, shows the joy of the birth of Jesus, just as a celestial ribbon traditionally announces the birth of a male child in Sicily.

    For almost two centuries, after a wooden statue of a Child Jesus arrived from a cloistered convent, rejected because it resembles an anatomically perfect child of about two years, in the parish the young bachelors have been caring for the cult of the Baby Jesus.

    First with spontaneous committees, then with the young people of Catholic Action who in 1975, with a decree of Cardinal Salvatore Pappalardo, founded the Confraternity, of which young bachelors were part, according to our ancient tradition, according to the rule still respected today.

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