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Confraternity of SS. Annunziata (Panza d'Ischia - NA)

"Praise to the Virgin Mary" (Unknown - It is an ancient song dating back to 1779, written by a brother in honor of the Madonna). TEXT : O Mary, worthy of honor, or queen who reigns in heaven, advocate / you are kind, before God our Lord, / or Mary worthy of honor. / O Mary of the sun clothed, of the moon you are shod, / and of a crowned star, mirror you are of our life, / or Mary of the sun clothed. / Look at us your children, who spread great love, / to have favor from you, from the Lord of the seraphim, / look at us your children. / We come here the feasts, to know the doctrine, / God looks at you queen, so that then we praise you, / we come here the feasts.

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